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PowerPoint game


This game is the most complicated project I've ever made, but it's incredibly cool!


"Don't Touch The Void!" is a game made entirely in PowerPoint. You play it by going into presentation mode. The adventure is full of puzzles, parkour and traps that prevent you from reaching the end with your cursor.

All you need is Powerpoint Office 365 Subscription version to run this game!

Online course


Want to learn skills more seriously?


Once in a while I upload a course that fully zooms in on a specific skill. These are low-cost courses so that many people around the world can afford them and I can get them excited about PowerPoint.

You only need a computer or laptop with PowerPoint to follow along!

PowerPoint wallpapers


Yes, PowerPoint is a prefect tool to make wallpapers like these. Papercut is a modern way to upgrade the look of your phone and here is how to make these custom wallpapers yourself! No need for expensive Adobe software like everyone else uses... I use PowerPoint and the nice thing about it is that almost everyone uses PowerPoint as well! They just don't know the possibilities are endless. 


On the Wallpaper page are lots of these custom wallpapers, made by me, free to use!

Who am I?


Hi, JB Squiddy here! My real name is Jesse Alberts and I’m a Dutch illustrator & biologist. Since childhood I love to be creative. My artworks always involved animals, nature or fantasy biology like alien worlds. Because I was too young for expensive and professional software, I used PowerPoint for everything… and that has never stopped. Through YouTube, I am reaching more and more viewers who want to know how far PowerPoint’s options can be stretched. I look beyond presentations. I want to recreate the drawings of Procreate artists, the animation of Adobe software or even create interactive games!

All we need is PowerPoint and unlimited imagination.

...and I love squids.