Online course: How to illustrate in PowerPoint

Take your presentations to the next level with amazing custom illustrations! In this course we create this cool artwork + I share all tips, tricks and techniques that I find extremely useful as an artist myself.


Includes interactive PDF with:

  • Lifetime access to the online course video
  • Lifetime access to the PowerPoint file download


NOTE: After payment is complete, under confirmation: click on 'Return to website' to download the interactive PDF. Have fun!

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Aaron Yong
2 years ago

I only found out your course recently and I have always been finding new ways to use my power point without having to follow the mainstream Adobe. Your lesson is so easy to follow and than you so much for sharing those tips. This is a great course for anyone who loves PPT illustration. JB is a Gradient guru!

2 years ago

dope man!

2 years ago

OMG I loved it!!! I can't believe I this this with PPT!

Thanks JB,

I REALLY REALLY would love to see more content and courses from you.

Greetings from Mexico :)

2 years ago

It was very helpful and easy follow even as beginner.

Hope to see more of your creativity in the future!

Thank you.

2 years ago

Loved it!
A lot of key principles that will help with future creation of art!

Thank you, JB.

Looking forward to see some more of your ideas and creations.

sohail makrnai
2 years ago

very nice , bahut hard

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