PowerPoint game

This game is the most complicated project I've ever made, but it's incredibly cool!

"Don't Touch The Void!" is a game made entirely in PowerPoint. You play it by going into presentation mode. The adventure is full of puzzles, parkour and traps that prevent you from reaching the end with your cursor.

All you need is Powerpoint Office 365 Subscription version to run this game!



  • Access to the PowerPoint file download: Original game
  • Access to the PowerPoint file download: Slow motion mode game

Files are uneditable.

NOTE: After payment is complete, under confirmation: click on 'Return to website' to download the PPTX file. Have fun!

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Jan-Stefan Janetzky
4 months ago

thanks for this gem!

6 months ago

Hi, I bought the ppt :) I'll leave a comment here. Thanks

2 years ago


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