If you want to jump start a new career, up-skill in your current job, seek a training or simply wish to learn valuable skills to enhance your daily life... Whatever your goal is, online courses offer a perfect learning environment that you can take from the comfort of your own chair.


I noticed that most online course videos are insanely expensive (on average $45-$125), so I wanted to change that. Once in a while I upload a course that fully zooms in on a specific skill. These are low-cost courses so that many people around the world can afford them and I can get them excited about PowerPoint.

You only need a computer or laptop with Powerpoint Office 365 Subscription version (ideally) to follow along!

Online course: How to illustrate in PowerPoint

Take your presentations to the next level with amazing custom illustrations! In this course we create this cool artwork + I share all tips, tricks and techniques that I find extremely useful as an artist myself.


More coming soon